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Wednesday, 8 December 2010

My heart is over flowing with love for..

A list of the things that I am currently swooning over.. So if anyone knows a big-spender who can't find someone to spend his or her money on then direct said person my way.. Here's some examples of what I'd like to get both in THIS world and in my IMAGINATIVE world..

Lace Tunic $98 from Lirola
Cricket $28 by jkldesign

Siri Original £40 by Amilka

Chanel Lover $24 by emmakisstina

Vintage white fur pillbox hat $35 from wroughtironvintage

Palais Royal Fur collar coat €4644 at farfetch
Casadei ballet flats €245 at Yoox
Vionnet short dress €690 at Yoox

Madeleine Vionnet by Pamela Golbin €75 at Yoox
100 Years of fashion illustration by Cally Blackman €42 at Yoox

White Moleskine ruled notebook €20 at Yoox

Books €17 each from Anthropologie

Ladurêe book €35 at Anthropologie

Vintage 60s Bergdorf Goodman suit $225 from Couture Allure

Vintage 20s Battenberg lace wedding tiara $95 from Couture Allure
Vintage Edwardian black coat $6600 from The Frock

Vintage Edwardian reception gown $1600 from The Frock

 As you can see the price range is quite large but my favourite decade of fashion is the Edwardian and I'm dying a little everytime I see the last dress. Maybe its the fact that its in such mint condition considering the age and the style itself is to die for in my opinion. I would be glad to see more designers taking on this era and not just the Poiret hommage. Even illustration and magazines could learn a little from this period about ads and layout. Oh, and by the way, I coloured my hair today. Red! A little lighter than Christina Hendricks if you were wondering, and I love it already..

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