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Friday, 30 September 2011

Weekly Favourites 39

Weekly Favourites 39, 2011

Ahh, finally... The weekend is upon us once again. Here in Denmark we are experiencing a lovely Indian Summer with temperatures around 22 degrees celcius.

For school I have been reading Wuthering Heights, and I must say that I am not particularly taken in by it. I'm still mushing over it a bit - but I am not in love. It saddens me a little though. I feel like I should be in love with this exuberant tale of passionate love being such a romantic as I am. I guess, I like the small sequences and the overall story rather than actually reading it word by word. It is such a strange feeling, and I don't really recall ever felt like that before towards a book.

I'm not sure whether it is a case of too high hopes, or just me being a cold fish at the moment.
Perhaps if I had read it at another time, more happy, I would feel otherwise. Nevertheless, I do see why it is such a masterpiece, and especially considering Emily Brontë herself and the surcomstanses in which this work was produced.

No, I'm too undecided on the matter. We'll see on Monday when my class will discuss the novel.

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