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Saturday, 24 September 2011

Chanel Splurge!

Sorry guys but you will have to miss the Weekly Faves this week as I can't get my set to appear over at Polyvore. I'll see if it has worked out tomorrow and then upload it. In stead, I will show you my Chanel splurge! I have NEVER bought that much makeup at one time, and certainly not in Chanel ,however, there were some amazing offers and so I couldn't help myself! Many nail polish colours that aren't in stock anymore or almost impossible to find, and some lovely lipsticks and.. Well, maybe I should just show you...
I can't even say what I'm most happy about - the gorgeous shimmering powder? The incredible Nouvelle Vague and Mistral? The devine lipstick shades? The suttle sparkly gloss? No - impossible to say. I love them all!

*All images mine*


a dreamer. said...

oh, my!
you're very lucky to be able to buy all those beauties!
i'm happy for you. probably nouvelle vague is my favourite!

The Dandelion Chronicles said...

Yes it is definately not something I'm used to or probably to do anytime soon after this! :)
But the offer was amazing, less than half prize and so many colours that had gone out of stock. So really, it was a must! :D


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