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Tuesday, 6 September 2011

1950s Vintage Fashion Illustrations

O' prettiness, O' prettiness - wherefore art these vintage? Photographers! Deny thy work and return to illustration - I would love the clothes so much more..

OK, a somewhat terrible pun on Shakespeare and my want of fahion illustration to have a greater say in today's magazines. In stead of just being a small vignette to the horoscopes I would like whole editorials with illustrations. Just as the clothes transform from the runway to the curated fashion spreads, illustraters do this all at once. No middle man, so to say. Yes, I know, I just keep on rambling about this but it would be so amazing!
Think about it, wouldn't you aspire to something like these more than a photo of a woman digitally mutilated?
Ok, I'll stop now.. I'll just show you in stead.

Maternity dresses. I'm positively dying for the coat! Camel coloured with pink lining.. At least that's how I imagine it.

How smart these young handsomes are in their trenches and plusfours! I doubt that I would ever succeed in getting a 10-year-old into an outfit like that but one must always have something to aspire to, nicht wa?

The elegant lady going to tea. My favourite is the second from left. That draping is so stylish.

At Home clothes. Yeah, I'll share a little secret with you guys - I look NOTHING like this when I'm at home! That waist!

I would almost reconsider never going somewhere cold for a vacation if I had something like this...

The New Look hits Denmark too. This is from 1950 and by then Denmark was slowly loosing the rationing stamps and women were able to some small splurges. Off course, nowhere near the excess of fabric used for the New Look, however, some of the details like cuffs and collars were worked into the dresses and suits they already had. My Grandmother has told me of how luxurious fabric-covered buttons were and double cuffs! I love when she talks about her mother's tailoring business, and her sewing all the beads for the embellishements on after school on their kitchen table under the lamp. It is clear where I have got my interest in fashion from..

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