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Saturday, 17 September 2011

Weekly Favourites 37

Once again, the weekend is upon us and I'm flat after a rather hectic week. My entrepreneurship class is really exciting but there's so much to do - and we are not even starting our own business yet! Last time, we had our results back on our JTI (a Scandinavian equivilent on the MBTI) and that was actually quite fun. If anyone want to know, I am INFP which stands for Introvert - Intuition - Feeling - Perceiving. It was actually kinda scarry how well the desciption matched me! So much for thinking I'm special!

Anyways, due to enourmous amounts of novels to be read and thus less free time, posts will probably come and go on no regular order whatsoever. I hope that's ok, but I did do my Weekly Faves this week..
My favourite of the favourite is the Topshop typewriter brooch! So adorable, and the Topshop Dalmatian booties too..
Are you guys sticking to leopard, or do you also do adventures in python, tiger, or dalmatian? I usually thought of myself as a leopard-only girl but this dalmatian-look quite grows on me. Who knows, maybe I'm soon gonna sport black and white hair Cruella-style! (not that likely though given that I'm trying to outgrow the old red hair dye) But perhaps I'll start with creating a dalmation manicure. More accessible, I think.
weekly favourites 37, 2011

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