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Saturday, 3 September 2011

Weekly Favourites week 35

Weekly Favourites 35, 2011

I am completely in love with those dusty blue shoes and the embellished Preen blouse. So pretty and so not Fall look to them. I already have the Chanel Peridot nail polish but I'm waiting to try it properly until my nails are better and stronger. Two months worth of stress don't do any good for your poor nails.
Actually, I find it quite fascinating how quickly your body throws a response to poor health and lifestyle choices. if people would just stop and listen to it because 10 out of 10, your body is right! Don't trust your brain on those issues.. If you feel pain - there's something wrong. Period!

Luckily, I don't suffer from inexplainable pains but I know some who do, and it is very frustrating but people really have to push their physicists and doctors to further tests even when they have said there's 'nothing wrong' because.. well, then you wouldn't be in pain, now would you?
I'm sounding bitter right now, I know. It is just frustrating for those of us on the sideline and not being able to bring comfort to the loved ones in pain.  What a sorry note, this post is coming off at.. Better turn my mind to merrier stuff.

For school, I'm reading Dracula and I really enjoy re-reading it. So many details I was oblivious to the first time. Do you experience that too? Maybe that's the test of the quality of a novel - does it keep bringing something new to your reading experience? Does it keep being up-to-date in a way? Very exited about the next couple of classes. I'm such a geek. (And I quite like it!)

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