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Monday, 29 August 2011

1920s Vintage Illustrations & Adds

The second installment from my bunch of old women's magazines. This time it is the Roaring 20s just going on the 30s. From November 1929, it contains everything you want: passionate lovestories envoked from by-gone eras, menuettes scores, fashionably designs for the little ones and exotic reports from remote areas of the world. What is not to love?

The first two are from a short story set in the land of revolutions - Mexico!
The text reads: The young colonel bowed deep and kissed Juana's hand.
Oh, and how gorgeous is that dress with the 20s style mantilla?

 This is totally a Romeo & Juliet kind of story but with a happy ending, but here we meet the lovers in a moment of distress until he realizes how clever and cunning Juana has been all because of him!

 A little illustration to the menuette score which was set on the opposite page. Wouldn't you love such a pianoforte? I would definitely start up piano classes with this beauty.

 This one and the next is from a detective short story set on a cruise. How smart Mamie is in her green suit with a petite cloche.

 This one just cracks me up because of their very much questioning positions.. Love when people over-do things! Even in drawings..

 This is from a Persil add telling that this washing powder brand is so gentle that you can even use it for those delicate silk gowns which is all the fashionably lady wants to wear. AND WHO WOULDN'T WANT THAT CLOSET????
I am completely taken by this image, and in the magazine it is just about 3x3cm. Stunning details, even blown up like this with the scan.

I become more and more happy with my purchase of these magazines, and wish even more that brands today would use illustrators instead of editing photos. I guess, it is quite a utopian dream. Too big business, I supppose.
Well, good thing these are still to be found around and about for us to enjoy.

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Mademoiselle Poirot said...

These illustrations are great and you're right, it would be fantastic to have something like them again instead of all those photoshopped photos... Have a great week xo


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