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Sunday, 28 August 2011

Sonnet Sunday: Sonnet V

So the beautiful sonnet and the picture have nothing whatsoever in common other than they are both beautiful. I just thought the opposite page seemed so bare when I had done the little vignette, and my orchid 'Betty' {yes, I name my flowers. I truly believe that's why they haven't died from me yet} was soon loosing all of her flowers so I decided to pick one before it started to go brown.

This is my last day of summer, tomorrow I start classes yet again. Not that I mind really. The weather has been so bad this summer that I actually long for seing smiling faces and gorgeous books again. I'm quite excited and thankfully I'm starting to feel completely well again after almost a whole month's of illness. I feel sick of feeling sick! But tomorrow is another day, and who knows - maybe I'll wake up feeling like running to school! {probably not - and even if I did, I never would!} However, time will tell if I feel well enough to ride my bike or have to succomb to the public transportation. Given that I still shake a little of small fevers and dehydration I'd put my money on the busses.
But we'll see..

xoxo thedandelionchronicles

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