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Friday, 5 August 2011

Weekly Favourites week 31

Weekly Favourites week 31

Thank God for the Internet! And why is that? It is because I have been brought to my knees by a vicious cold, which seems to change into a pneumonia if I don't take it seriously now.. It really sucks! I had all of these great plans and now I have been forced to cancel them all. I hate being ill, and I had really hoped that this would be over now but it seems like it is just getting started.
But what to do then, when you are forced under blackets and stuffed with hot tea? Answer, the Internet.. I don't even know what I used to do before the Internet when I was ill.. Kinda scary, maybe.

Anyways, I can always dream of the pretty clothes in the stores now and look forward to fall fashion and warm cosy clothes reappear in the street view once again. I always feel slightly cruel wishing for fall due to the short summer we have here in Scandinavia. But I have always found the fall collections much more elegant and exclusive than the other seasons'.
In the fall, you can wear cute boots, long leather gloves, and hats! I'm always at the bringe of a 'heat stroke' {I have no idea what to call it..} when trying to dress up nicely in the summer. Maybe a very good thing I don't live somewhere else with way too much summer.. I love the changes of season and would definately feel like I missed out on life if I couldn't see the changes of Nature outside my windows.

Well, this is it for now, and have a lovely Friday and see you Sunday {hopefully!} 

Oh, and no, it is NOT a Birking bag but a 'B-bag' from a completely different brand! From afar it looks quite similar or is it just me?

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