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Sunday, 21 August 2011

Weekly Favourites week 33

Weekly Favourites week 33

Well well well... This week's Weekly Favourites just screams out luxury in my opinion. I must say that my heart seems to be topsy-turvy whenever I see something from Vionnet or Lanvin. However, my personal favourite this week is the Jonathan Saunders dress. It looks so effortlessly classy and has amazing up-to-date details like the pink.

It is nice to be back again even though it takes quite an amount of force to focus in this way, however, I do think it is neccessary in order to get on with my life.
{Just for the record, this blog is not going to be way too personal but I'll just post these hints once in a while because.. well.. to make myself see that things are just the same and ever-changing, if that makes any sense. But don't worry about this blog turning into a diary - it is not! My interests, mood and emotions are just very closely related so in order to make sense of why I think this or that is interesting, it may seem logic to post these kind of things. At least to myself}

*** On another note, do you guys prefer the Weekly Favourites with the list of items or without? I'm still undecided, but let me know if you think it 'blurs' the over-all look or makes a better post.

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