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Wednesday, 24 August 2011

1950s Adds & Illustrations

Aren't these just darling? I love vintage magazine illustrations and adds, so much more elaborate and eye catching by their style and elegance.
These are from a bunch of old Danish magazines from the 1950s which I found at the flee market at Ingerslevs Blwd which I also mentioned here.
I bought twelve magazines so there will be tons of great pictures to come, and I am literally laughing my behind off when I read the articles of newbies in Hollywood - amoungst them is Paul Newman and he is said to be very promising! Ha! Hilarious..

Some of the illustrations are made by the very well known Danish illustrator Kurt Ard, and I adore his style. The detailing are amazing and I wish that covers would be illustrated in stead of bad photos photoshopped to inrecognision. Call me old-fashioned but I have always thought a good photographer should be able to take a photo only using lights as their props. Yes, I do like the vintage effects and curves you can get to photos, but it is the 'make-skinny-women-look-skinnier-thing' that I dislike. If we aspire to something which physically cannot be then why not use the very talented artists and illustrators who do better images of this anyways?
Oh well, now I turned into a biggering nag - not my intention, however, I hope you get my point.
But seriously, I would be BROKE if all magazines showed this much beauty and talent..

All images are my scans.
 From a MEDOVA tea add.

 From a PERSIL washing powder add {My grandmother still uses this brand!}

 Cover illustration by Kurt Ard of 'Kate - the dangerous woman in our new novel' for the weekly magazine Familie Journalen {which my grandparents still buy every week}

 Add for Colgate beauty cremes. I love the jars..

 The illustration to a short story about a young actress who is head over heels in love with a young man but she must choose between her carreer and her love! Oh horror, what is a girl to do?

 The first illustration to the novel which also feature Kate - the dangerous woman. Some of the highlighted text says that Werner promised Magda to send for her and the baby, but he never did! Oh, dear!! I bet Kate has something to do with this...

Add for Danish underwear brand Asani. They had the most delicate adds, and I have some of their slips and they are the best! I'm always on the lookout at secondhand shops in search of these. And seriously, wouldn't you like to have something in common with this girl!?
The logo text reads Asani - the underwear in the upperclass. This is a pun on the Danish world for 'upperclass' overklasse where over also means 'over' like in English. So clever, no?

Anyways, I hope you liked my first installment of 1950s adds and illustrations. There is much more to come..

XOXO, thedandelionchronicles


Mademoiselle Poirot said...

These adverts are so lovely - I just really like the style of them and the way they have been drawn. Great post. I hope you're having a good week xo

PS: thanks for entering my little giveaway, good luck & bonne chance xo

The Dandelion Chronicles said...

Why sure, it looks like a lovely present - and who can't use more books about decor? I'm just asking!? :)


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