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Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Danish Children Attire

Hi guys, I'm back again.. My world still feels like spinning and twisting, and trying to throw me off but I think it is time to slowly get back into gear again. Thanks for your patience during this little break and I hope that you will stick with me in the future despite irregular posts and whatnots.
It really makes me happy to see the very much increased traffic here on my blog and it definately makes me want to continue.

In Denmark, there's a huge business working around children's clothing and accessorice, and the Danish department store Magasin du Nord has created a lovely editorial in their latest free issue Magasin by M*agasin no 14 FW.
The fall and winter is (sadly) fast approaching and we have to get the closets ready for the littluns with nice comfy and warm clothes without going down on style. Even though we too like to dress our children very stylish-ly, I don't think that we over-do it and try to make them little grown-ups. I like when girls wear clothes which can we worn for play and not looking like porcelain dolls, and when boys are allowed to dress up if they feel like it. 

{One could make a comment on the controvercy about the 10-year-old French model, however, I don't really think this post would be the issue for that. The only thing I wish to state in this respect is that I am perplexed that people don't want to let children be children and give grown women a more accurate image to aspire to than a child}

Credits: I Play House
Photograph: Katrine Rohrberg
Styling: As ├śland
Styling Assistant: Karoline Saysette
Regi: Sita Simonsen
Models: Malik, Kevin, Sarafina, and Mille / 1 Kid

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