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Thursday, 1 December 2011

Rustic Winter & Christmas Decor

First of all, a happy first of December. Are you in the spirits yet or does it usually wait to hit you on the 23rd.? I am not yet feeling the excitement but I do love the decor on the various blogs and in the magazines. Is it just me, or does people almost never decorate like this in real life?

I wish they did because Johanne Bildsøe's house is truly stunning when decorated for Christmas. That said, she is a professional decorater and has an interior shop on Østerbro in Copenhagen, Détails91. Nevertheless, I love her incorporation of the rustic nature and vintage pieces. Very basic and very timeless. I love when people decorate for the winter like they do for spring and summer, taking in flowers and leaves, in stead it is all specifically Christmas. I tire easily with Christmas but I always love the crisp feel and air around winter. And these photos by Kristian Septimus Krogh really do the decor and the theme justice.

My own Christmas decor is too emotional, so many memories but not very cohesive in terms or colour or style. One year, I favour bohemian-Indian gold tassles with pink and purple, the next it is all wrought iron.. I know I will never be like the great Karen Blixen who only decorated in white and silver (but think of the beauty of it!!! Just like snow..) but most of the pieces has a story to tell, and I guess that's the best thing.

 Eucalyptus branches with vintage iron roses.

I almost shrieked when I saw the door wreath. So stylish, and I absolutely adore the accent of the anemone. One of my favourite flowers..
And a nice way to use your candle holders for the Christmas tree before you get the tree.

 Again, a nice re-decorating of pieces you always have around. In stead of perhaps an exotic flower you showcase a branch with some ornaments. Oh, and what a great idea using an old flower box with oasis and put branches and flowers in it for a table centerpiece.

An old chair, a vintage lantern, antlers, and a small wreath. Simple greige decor at its best.
Actually, this is more of winter decor than Christmas decor. The only really Christmas-y is off course the tree, and yet this is also more rustic and simple than more traditional ones. Very sprase amount of ornaments, and very small too.

Once again, a flower box and branches. I really like this idea..

Decorate your chandelier with various sized ornaments making it look like a cloud with silver raindrops. Beautiful!
Antlers in a mason jar and a close-up on the table centerpiece.

So what do you think, too sparse, too chilly, or just right?

{from Danish interior magazine Bo Bedre}


the paris apartment said...

So simple and beautiful!

Ivy Clad said...

I enjoyed this post so much! I wrote a post on my blog about beautiful and simple Christmas decor and sourced your blog in it.

Merry Christmastime!



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