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Friday, 16 December 2011

Weekly Favourites 50

weekly Favourites 50

I don't know whether it is my deminishing eager of this weekly feature (I have thought of changing it into a monthly instead) or because I am especially peckerish this week because I had a hard time finding things I liked enough to share here.
Ironically, the things on here that I like the best, I cannot even buy (yet) since I don't own an iPhone. But don't you just adore the gold Native Union phone attatchment?! And together with a Lanvin cover (which unfortunately is sold out already over at net-a-porter) they are the perfect match for the über-stylish phoner, no?

Lately, I have been more fond of my black jewelry than the rest. Even the glossiest and most sparkly jewels get a little more sophisticated look when they are in black, and off course, on a whole-black ensemble like the RED Valentino one, this necklace would be incredible.

And for kicks, an embroidered T-shirt of perfume bottles and a stunning mask with feathers for New Year's.. 

Do you dress up at New Year's Eve, even attend masquerades? I have never heard of anyone besides the royals who actually did, so I would love to hear if you do... I guess, it works better if you are many than just the usual crowd though. The allure would perhaps be quite small, and not a lot of flirting, I think. No one to draw pink hearts on with the TOPSHOP nail art pen. 

Anything you guys fancy on here? 

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Lola said...

Slogan tee, need!!


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