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Friday, 23 December 2011

Weekly Favourites 51

Weekly Favourites 51

Soooo... The last Weekly Favourite just before Christmas deadline.. and start of the sale.

Are you planning anything for the sale? I must admit that I don't really care for sales. I am not the type to rush in to buy and rub against other people in a frenzy. I did it once for someone else, and I still feel slightly traumatized by the experience! I almost got knocked down by a lady with a rollator! So I prefer to buy from the safe heaven behind the screen, or pay full prize. 
I also have adopted the notion that if you didn't want to buy or wear it at full prize, you don't want it just because its on sale.
That has saved me from a lot of fail purchases.

Anyways, from the things NOT on sale yet around the internet, I have found some very nice things. 
I still have a soft spot for the ACNE Pistol boots. But the Copper shoes from Maison Martin Margiela are almost to die for.... I almost cryed when I saw them (didn't I almost do that last Friday too? I am apparentlt quite emotional when it comes to fashion at the moment!)
And the Husam El Odeh ring with the blueish coloured crystal and rough gold is very chic and edgy at the same time.

The coolest thing though would be the M Missoni sweater with the brass cuffs. Such an unexpected feauture on a simple sweater.

Anything hitting your fancy here? Let me know, I'd love to hear.


And with that I just want to wish you all, my dear readers and visitors,

A Wonderful and Merry Christmas

The Dandelion Chronicles 

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