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Thursday, 29 December 2011

A New Year Approaching

Hi all, I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and got to relax just a tiny bit. Mine was easy, breezy, and quiet. Thus I find it most difficult to get myself into exam study mode again. It is way more fun to search inspiration for New Year's Eve..

Usually, I don't pay much attention to this evening and spend it either with a couple of friends or my parents. This year, my friends are throwing a party together with some of their other friends, so I am quite exited, and being the girly girl that I am, I am already planning for glitter, heels, and makeup.

I am also thinking of any New Year's Resolutions for 2012, but I think it is hard to say "I wont..." or "I wil..." I am more of a "I will bear in mind/remember that..." I hate the too clear cut resolutions with no room for breath. I mean, I love chocolate and crisps, nailpolish and lipsticks, but I also know that I shouldn't eat that all the time or use all my money on it. So in stead I go "I will bear in mind that for every lipstick or chocolate bar I buy I could have gotten closer to the Chanel bag or the camera I want."
And I am not one for making resolutions on weight or exercixe, that is bound to fail with me. I get too bored with that kind.

In addition with finals and New Year's and the whole thing called life, I will perhaps be a bit absent here, but fear not... I will return. However, I will make the last Weekly Favourites of 2011 tomorrow and wish you a prosperous new year.

Until then,
have a lovely day...

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