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Saturday, 13 November 2010

Karen Blixen

As you know, I'm reading Winter Tales by Karen Blixen and thought I should share some images of her and her homes in Denmark and Kenya.
We are very proud of her here in Denmark, one of the great Danes and we feel a little jump in our hearts whenever she's mentioned in abroad medias. I wont go into great detail about her due to the numerous sites and references to her on the internet and in printed media.
I do love when women are celebrated for their wit, intelligence, and strength in stead of just their beauty. I don't know whether I think of her as a beautiful woman (she wasn't ugly though) but I have always seen her as more of a character than thus.
As mentioned in my previous post, I would very much like to visit Rungstedlund, and her farm in Kenya, but I want to even more so after seing these pictures. I'm dying to see her study in real life. I think I could spend a week in there.
Well, enough said, so without further ado.. Karen Blixen everyone...
Karen Blixen as a young woman in Denmark, image from

 Karen Blixen in Africa, image from

Karen Blixen in 1959, the year people claim she was cheated for a Nobel Prize. Image from
For more about that story please click here. You should also note that the coat she's wearing in the picture is from a leopard she shot herself! Even though I don't really like the notion of real fur, I do think its kinda cool and typically of her.

Karen Blixen's farm in Ngong Hills in Kenya, image from

Her beloved Rungstedlund in Denmark, image from

 Another view of Rungstedlund. Image from

Her famous study where she wrote most of the time. Image from

She has also appeared on the bank notes of Denmark. They are now replaced with images of bridges which many in Denmark think is a shame.
The people from top down, Karen Blixen; Carl Nielsen (composer); Johanne Louise Heiberg (actress and taste-maker together with her playwriter husband); Niels Bohr (physist who worked together with Einstein), and in the end the artist couple Anna and Michael Ancher (painters from Skagen)
The pages on the right shows the back of the notes which pictured some ancient finds which I think is now at the National Museum in Copenhagen.
Image from

She also has a rose named after her. How wonderful to have a personal rose, and a white one! I love white roses.. My mum has one in her garden, and it smells so sweet you wouldn't believe it. Summer and power at the same time, if you can imagine that..
Image from

Rosendahl has for a couple of years made a collection of Christmas decorations in honour of the baroness, and I love them. They are the perfect combination of fuzzy and simple at the same time. I just wish that the top star was more like the heart shown here.
Images from

Hope you enjoyed the little gallery on Karen Blixen, and I wish you all a very lovely day.
Love from The Dandelion Chronicles

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Kathleen Boston McCune said...

Having just seen Out of Afrika for probably the fifth and first times I am finally studying Karen Blixen Dennison. I first found another of her books, Babette's Feast, I had always enjoyed as a film...and like OUt of Afrika it too has the simple and yet complex theme of mankind's struggles with sharing, caring and understanding what is most important in our lifetime for ourselves and those who share our World. Thank you for the photos at a time when I truly feel enriched for having viewed them and thus the soul of Karen.


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