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Tuesday, 23 November 2010

First Day of Snow

Today, I went down to H&M to see if I would be lucky enough to get my hands on some of the Lanvin-styles which may come as a surprice here on the Internet.. I would have loved to show you my treasures but for some odd reason my pc doesn't want me to upload the photos so you'll have to wait untill tomorrow. After conquering the H&M store, I strolled down to the Women's Museum in Aarhus to get some lunch and to avoid the cold.

They have one of the best cafés in Aarhus and I highly recommend it. Everything is homebaked and a lot is organic too.. I had three(!) cups of coffee and a sandwich (the curse of cheap refills!). I really like the setting of the café, its decorated with odd furniture and small windows with pieces from their collections of clothes and accessory for women as you can see on my photo. The great thing about the café is that you don't have to pay to get in to the museum you can just go for the café. Its opened everyday in the summer season, and in the winter its only closed on Mondays. You can check it out on the museum's website; Its in Danish, English, and German.
Also, the museum itself is a very great visit in its own right with interesting exhibitions, especially the history of fashion-ones are very popular, and though-provoking ones as well. The 20th Century is covered in greater detail but in their permanent exhibition they tell the story from Pre-historic to present day.
At the moment they have two special exhibitions, one with two female sculptures and artists, the other is about rape and the taboo surrounding it. Translated to English its titled "Its not you fault" pointing out the feeling that many rape victims have. That it is their own fault and that they themselves could have prevented it which is absolutely crazy! So its nice to see a museum and public space going against the Madonna-Prostitute mentality that many people have even today. This exhibit closes on February 15th 2011 and the other closes on January 3rd.

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