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Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Trying My Wings

This blog is a means to collect the things that I find inspiring, intriguing, and amazing, and a way to share those with others around the world, hence English in stead of Danish.
Therefore, there will be a variety of themes and my focus is, at least for the time being, a bit wider than most other blogs.
As an English and Art History student, I will also use this blog as a means to work on school projects and finding other dimensions to same, as well as a hobby based area for fun and creativity, and a way to remember things and places I come across, whether that be shops, caf├ęs or recipes.

Please feel free to comment. I would love to get some ideas and tips.
However, that said, I hope you will respect and understand my choise to be anonymous because this blog is a spare time thing for me, and should not been seen as more than such. If that changes, I will let you know.. :)

On that note,

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