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Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Get ready for the Sabrina Moment

The designers have this season not been at their best, at least not in my humble opinion. Especially Chanel disappointed me a lot with the RTW show. It all looked as though it would be beautifully arranged and respecting the female body taking the invitation into account (I saw it on The Cherry Blossom Girl blog), but I don't think it came near at all. I know that Largerfeld never did like curves on women but he usually designs a lot of clothes that could be managed even with more than just the bone on your hips. This season he choose to dress all the models in shreads and somewhat unfinished garments, which is a pity 'cause I liked a lot of the fabrics and the fact he used feathers in many of his designs. Props for that.. However, the only looks I actually liked was theese...

 Things went a bit better when Galliano came around. I have always adored his colourful and fun designs that don't take themselves too seriously. Fashion should be fun most of the time. Nevertheless, I had the same somewhat restrained feeling about his designs this season. Perhaps it's because it takes a lot to come close to the Haute Couture show with all the flower petal gowns, which is one of the best and most beautiful shows I have ever seen and just in the spirit of Dior himself. The RTW line showed some good looks but somehow not finished, except for theese two..

I like the 40's Vargas Girl feel to the looks even though theese don't really go with the nautical theme that was going on.
So, almost in desperation, I turned towards one who always deliver style whenever whereever... Oscar! And my my, did he come through in my hour of need.. I think he may have come across some old photos or drawings for Audrey's character in the movie, Sabrina, beacuse I feel many of the gowns are up-to-date versions of the b/w one in the movie, or is it just me? On another note, I do think that Audrey could have stepped into these designs any day and proven my point. I don't get why women shouldn't look as beautiful and stylish as possible, or that designers don't at least respect the bodies they design for.. And then it's nice to know that there's a man like Oscar in the world. Here's my favourites from his RTW and the last two are from his RTW Resort show, enjoy...

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