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Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Lanvinian Treasures

So finally, I got to upload my photos from yesterday. Don't know what that was about. Anyway, here's my already cherised items from the Lanvin <3 H&M collection. I'm looking forward to all the Christmas parties where I can step into the holiday looking quite fabulous if I may say so..

 I am quite in love with the bag you got to carry your goods home in, especially this side of it.

 The hangers and the dress bag to protect the clothes. When the sale assistant packed the clothes I almost felt like I was buying haute couture. Silly what a dress bag can do right?

 I bought this t-shirt. I guess my general shopping rule is if there's glitter and tulle it'll be going home with me..

 The shopping tote gives a percentage to charity of the purchase price. I can't remember how much right now but I always like when I can get a nice item home with me while supporting good causes. And it was quite cheap, around £3 so there's no excuse not to buy if its not sold out. And its pretty so what other reason does people need?

 I had to get my hands on one of the dresses and this was the one, it suits my own style and its in my size so no need of dieting or shapewear.I think it can work with both a tux jacket or a chunky knit cardigan because its so pretty and feminine. And only limited jewellry due to the beading around the neckline. I think, I will wear it in the weekend to my aunt's birthday. Can't wait!

And as always, I bought the shoes. I was actually in need of some new red stilettoes. My old ones from Friis & Co. are soon more white than red, so this was the perfect time for new shoes. I did look long on the loepard printed ones as well but they were half a size too big and I already have a pair of leopard printed peep toe stillettoes so I let them go to someone else who maybe will cherish them more and wear them more than I would have. No point of buying clothes if you don't want to wear it. Ok, that doesn't apply to antique frocks let's say from the before 1930 but other than those it shoud be loved and worn almost to shreads.

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