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Sunday, 28 November 2010

Advent Wreaths 2010

So, the first snow has fallen in Aarhus and leaves everything looking very pretty. In addition, the Christmas season has started officially with today being the first Sunday in Advent, and some inspiration to those of you who are running late with the wreaths (like me!) here's my favourites from around the Internet this evening. Enjoy..

A very Scandinavian chic and natural wreath. Image

A purple and feminine wreath. I do like the angle-moose though! Image

Danish interior design brand Ferm Living's take on the Advent wreath together with the Danish magazine Femina. Easy, chic, and simple - love. Image

The rustic version. Would be wonderful in a fire place like in the photo or on a large wooden dining table. Image

Again a more rustic and natural version. I seem to have a preference for those with dried flowers and in forest hues. Image

 The easy-going and quick version. I like her idea with the electric lights together with the candles. Probably looking great right now in the darkness. Image

 Great use of Christmas ornaments that you love too much to only have on the tree late in December. Also great for odd pieces of ornaments and decorations that don't seem to fit in anywhere else. Image

Probably my favourite of the lot. An Indian-vintage-colourful-and-fun Advent wreath. If it glitters and shimmers I love! Image 

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