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Sunday, 3 July 2011

Sonnet Sunday: Sonnet II

I'm trying to make it a little more elaborate, and thinking about making drawings on the 'reverse' pages or press flowers or something. Any idea?
Anyways, feeling a bit drousy at the moment, possibly due to the change in weather. It changes so quickly and don't want to find a park to read and then head home an hour later because a rainfall is coming at me, you know?
When I go out, its for the whole day.. Maybe it's a luxury problem.

However, I hope you guys are alright and I found myself quite looking forward to make and post this sonnet. Definately a weekly thing to get my creative mojo back. I've been trapped for a while looking at what everyone else is doing in stead of creating something myself. Vicious cicle, I'll tell ya! No way quicker to loose your 'style' and creativity than seeing what someone else is doing. I need to be a recluse. Don't know though whether it's because I'm extremely competitive or anxiety of falling flat next to them.

Well, if you never try you will never succeed - and you will just have failed by default (I think this was said by JK Rowling).
And I sure don't wanna do that after all I've been through..

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