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Friday, 1 July 2011

Weekly Favourites week 26

Weekly Favourites week 26, 2011

I'm quite into the mono-colour trend, especially with dresses. The black skirts and white and cream tops just speak to me on a very profound level. However, B/W on it's oqn is quite boring mostly so I'll always pep it up with either bright shoes, a coat or hot pink lips (my signature look du jour!)

Do you have a seasonal signature look?
Or a dream signature look?

Mine would be a musketeer jacket paired with an embellished skirt and Converse All Stars. Can you picture it? In my mind it will be awesome..
But the past couple of seasons it has all been about the biker jackets which on most points are too short near the waist to my taste. However, I do love their leather work and some of the detailing is similiar to what I want in my future dream musketeer jacket.

And as always, looking for the perfecct black everyday ballet flats. Could these be the ones? I'm still uncertain about the square toes though..

Anyways, have a blissful weekend in the most wonderful month of all (this is mostly due to my upcoming birthday on the 31st.. Yay!!!)

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