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Wednesday, 13 July 2011

My first edited photograph

This is my first test of a (for me) newly discovered photo service online called They have a feature to give your photos different vintage looks to them which is very cool.

Anyways, this is just some random pretty things I have around my apartment; H&M Hello Kitty nail polish {the most wonderful dusty pink colour}, Leone pastilles, Christel Mariott re-production, vintage tiny teacup with leaf-shaped saucer, a wooden dice which says Love, Vacoom, Sleep, Watch TV, Party, Dishes, two old keys, and a jar where I keep the buttons that come along with shirts and blouses. Nice to know it's all in one place, right? 

Do you know any cool sites online to change and redo photos? I'm still not that keen on installing Photoshop since I haven't had a proper guide to it, and somehow my head doesn't comprehend the online tutorials, and so far it will take up a lot of space on my pc. But please drop me a note if you know eithe pixlr or another great site. 

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