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Saturday, 9 July 2011

Weekly Favourites week 27

Here we go again, weekend is finally upon us.. I have yearned for some time off. As much as I loved getting all the things done during the week, I feel completely beaten today. Yesterday was spent at my parents' where my older brother came for dinner. We had a lovely barbeque and it was nice to see him again. He's very busy at work and live somewhat far away, so this was really nice.
I also went to the blod doning central in Aarhus in the morning and did my good deed of the day. I like to give back in order to show my thanks for still having my Dad and my uncle around. And the nurses are so nice and you get candy and a soda or juice. I always enjoy the half an ahour out there.

The online retailers' sites are preparing for the fall, so I have included some coats (amazing fur details!) and a hat. I will not need to buy a new coat this year, I have two still; a dress-y one and an everyday one. But I always buy them in August or early September. I want the best selection so I don't want to wait too long when deciding on a style because the good one go so fast.
Oh, and what about those shoes? I have no idea when to wear them, but seriously!? Hope you are enjoying a relaxed weekend and with slightly more sunshine than what is mustered here.

xoxo, The dandelion chronicles

Weekly Favourites 27, 2011

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