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Friday, 22 July 2011

Thoughts for Norway

As many of you may already know, Oslo the capital of Norway was hit by a massive bomb today, and there have already been confirmed deaths. As a fellow Scandinavian, we feel very closely connected so this really breaks our hearts here in Denmark and Sweden too and all our thoughts go out to the Norwegian people. We hope the loss of life will be little, however sadly not avoided, and that no other attacks will occur and create more chaos.

In hommage to Norway I'll show you some vintage travel posters of the beautiful country which I feel lucky to have visited, in stead of the weekly favourites which seem so insignificant right now. These will not occur until next week.

When you think of fairy tale like sceneries, time it with ten and you get the Norwegian nature. So pure and unbelievable. I hope that this will be somewhat of a comfort in this dreadful hour.

As far as I know right now from the news, no terrorist cell has yet claimed to be the minds behind this terrible and utterly disgraceful act.
Things like this make me so angry, but this time it actually feels like it hit at home, and my heart is aching by the mere thought of the tragic loss and pain. It seems so unbelievable that these things can happen in a nordic country. Sweden and Denmark have already been hit by attempts but without any casualties, so this feels so surreal that Norway should suffer such an attack.

Please send your kindest thoughts and prayers to the people of Oslo.

Vi tænker på jer.

[edit] The tragedy has taken on a more severe note in Norway. Late last night, it became clear that a massacre at a youth political convention camp was linked to the bomb in Oslo and this morning 91 were confirmed dead, 7 in the bomb attack and 84 in the massacre. Sadly, the number is still likely to rise. The mind behind it is in the Norwegian police's custody and is a Norwegian himself with links to the right-extremist and nationalistic environment in Norway. (The police is still investigating whether he was alone or not. There has been some suggestions from witnesses and surviors that there's more than one shooter)

This is so uncomprehendable that one would do such a thing to his or her fellow country men (or anyone for that matter) due to differences in opinions. I hope that Norway and the Norwegian people will overcome this horrible event and in respect for the dead and the wounded not let fear rule but go on with the high compassionate standards of which Norway is so well known for.

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