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Monday, 11 July 2011

How To: The Waterfall Braid - version 1

Over at pinterest, I discovered this pretty hair style and finally got the hang of it after intensely starring at photos for ages...
I call it version 1 because after all my efforts, I noticed some slight changes in the photos of this hair style. I still have not quite figured that out yet but anyways, here's my illustration of perhaps the easier version. Hope you'll like it.

And here's the photos that inspired me: {image} {image}

You can see that these girls choose to braid the last section as a normal braid. I personally just tied with bobby pins in the side.
I really like this hair style, and it can be achieved by most with a little practice.

So, could this be a summer hair style for you guys? I definately think I will be sporting this a lot.

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