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Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Lazy summer

 I have been a little sleepy and drousy today (maybe because I woke up at half past three! Seriously why??) so when I was done with the chores for the day (very early indeed..) I conquered a place in the sun down in my apartment block's courtyard. It is filled with big red and pink roses at the moment, and earlier the magnolia tree and the cherry blossoms perfumed our little heaven, later replaced with lilacs and irises.
There is a playground as well, however, there don't seem to be that many children living here (I don't know for sure since I moved in here back in August) but it rather suits me well.. When I'm tired, I can be a bit of a child-hater, sorry to say it.. So naturally, I'm a tad worried about when I have children of my own how that will turn out.. I guess one just the best she can and try not to let tiredness or stress out on the littl-uns. 

I have a thing for bark. don't know why, but the details in texture and colours always get to me on a very profound level.
I have never wished to be a mermaid when I was a little girl, I always wanted to be a wood nymph, a Daphne, and live in trees. Naturally, my favourite characters in Lord of the Rings are the ents. I even hugged the tree which were the inspiration to Tolkien when I was in Oxford in 2005.
We were all supposed to that however, but I would probably had done it anyway if no one was watching.

 My mani of the moment. It was supposed to be all polka-dots but on the first finger I completely blew it and so made all ten different. It may show that I have yet to try with various tapes, this was just done with one of Depend's art brushes in white over Maybelline's Party Blue from their less expensive line. I really love the blue and two coats here. Over it all, I have some pink glitter with a little rhinestone effect. On the other hand, some of the little pink hearts that are in show, but photographing with my left hand is just not happening for me..

 The tree under which's crown (or lack of same) I spend a couple of hours half asleep and half reading Albert Camus' The Plage. I really like it; interesting characters and yet at the same time quite academic in a way. Hard to describe really. But I think when I have finished this one, I might check out some of his other works, any recommendations?

The weather here has been very inter-changeable, so all the big garden roses both thirst and drown.. However, I don't think garden roses have a long season or is it just me? But the smell is amazing.. Especially, after a light rainfall..

Anyways, hope you have a wonderful day and enjoy all the beauty around you. The decay can come so suddenly, as with these roses.
This day was also a little homage to the late Sylvia Plath. When I read some extracts from her diaries earlier this year, I was struck by a comment she makes: (my translation from the Danish translation, so don't know if this is exactly as she wrote it)

And I sit here without identity: faceless [...] Will I never get to rest in the sun again, lazy, golden and peacefully?

I always felt very connected to her due to some similar emotional experiences (actually to the point where it really scared me!) so I try to remember to this, soaking up the sun, being lazy, being at peace and being proud of who I have become. I don't want to make such a comment in my journal one day, so i'm taking her experiences to heart.

Do any of you have a writer or character in a book that you connect to? The other one I have is Anne from Anne of Green Gables. I got my interest in English literature because of her and the Anne-series is still the ones I have read the most times. And I do daydream as much as her..

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