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Friday, 4 March 2011

Weekly Favourites week 9

I have a thing for pretty girly dresses with a vintage feel to them. The shades are almost all in the nude - champagne - blush - apricot scheme this week. The same goes with the accessories and the seperates but with the jeans to dress the whole thing down a bit. They do seem like the perfect jeans to me. I may have to run them up and try them, even though it would go against my non-buying resolution this year (which I by the way have managed so far!!! Yay for me!!) And last but not least, go to my Polyvore account to get the info as where to buy the goodies.
Have a lovely weekend..
Dresses, Week 9 2011

Accessories & Seperates Week 9, 2011

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Pearl said...

Cute Necklace!



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