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Monday, 7 March 2011

Museum Details

Here's some pictures of some of my favourite things at ARoS Aarhus Museum of Art. I like walking around the pretty paintings and sculptures, and I always start at the top with The Golden Age in Danish art and work my way down to the special exhibitions and The Nine Rooms. Later this year, there's going to open a special installation on top of the building created by Olafur Elliason called Your Rainbow Panorama and I'm very exited about it. From outside its very beautiful but I'll tell you about it in details when its done and I've visited.
For now, I'll just show you these..
By Eckesberg, considered to be the founding father of The Danish Golden Age in painting.
Detail from a much larger painting of a Danish rural wedding in the 19th C. I love the bonnets..
The rural paintings were very popular in Denmark in the 19th C, however, they were all idealized versions of the happy but ignorant peasant. It was not until late 1880s and 1890s that socialist themes began to merge into these paintings.
Detail of a young girl's folk dress. In real life, this detail is about 15 cm and I'm always strusk by the amount of detail in her lace bonnet and shawl.
Painting by Anna Ancher, one of the Skagen Painters and Denmark's main figure in Impressionism. No one else in Denmark was that influenced by the movement.
Girl with blue Ribbon - by a French painter whose name I don't remember.
Painting by Wilhelm Hammershøi. The most famous of his paintings is localised in Randers Art Museum, north of Aarhus.
I like the clash between the very elaborate gilded phrame and the expressive style of the painting.
Maison d'Elephant by John Kørner (DK). He was one of the invited artists who decorated the royal apartments at Amalienborg Castle to the Crown Prince Couple together with Kathrine Ærtebjerg and others.
Detail of a much larger painting by Michael Kvium.
Painting by Eske Kath, also one of the artists from Amalienborg Castle.

So, there you go. A little visual history of art at Aarhus Museum of Art from around 1770 to present. I haven't included pictures from The Nine Rooms due to them being more installations or video montages and should be experinced live in order to give the best presentation.

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