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Monday, 14 March 2011

Drawing Rooms

I'm quite fascinated with the idea of decorating your office or even apartment only with your own drawing skills and markers. I would always love to do it myself but will never do out of fear for panick attacks even before I get started! What if you draw something wrong? I can't even start to follow that thought without having my heart up my throat and breaking into a sweat. So best to just love and admire these pictures instead from those who dared.. Here's Charlotte Mann's incredible work. More on her website, please check it out. Via
I really love the drawings of Bernini's "Apollo and Daphne" (I saw it in Rome and I almost cried. To cut marble so thin that light can filtrate through is just unbelievable! My favourite piece of art all time). Would love to have someting like this myself, maybe just on one wall.. But I'll never be able to make a decision on ONE thing.. I'd change the theme or the look constantly and would never get anything done. Its really a bad habit of mine to constantly change plans like this. What would you choose to get marked at your walls?

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