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Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Brown paper packages tied up string...

...These are a few of my favourite things that is in my parents' winter garden (for lack of a more precise desciption). My mother is a collector of all sorts of things but she is particularly fond of coloured glass and vintage coffee jars. Here's some of her gems that I wouldn't hesitate to adopt myself should that ever be the question..
Where we all sit and eat dinner in the early and late summer when its too cold to be on the patio.
 Sad thing that you cannot see the garden at it's most beautiful, too early in the year for that. The flower bed behind these blue glasses is filled with blue irises, hyacinths, lilies and other blue flowers and my Mum usually calls it her 'Blue Ocean'. Very beautiful..
 Some of her sweet vintage coffee jars.. I like when you can see that an item has been used and cared for, and many of these show just that.
 More blue glass. If I ever fail to think of a present for my Mum I should just give her blue galss things. She's over-joyed every time she finds another one. I'm not really a glass person myself but these blue bottles I really like.
 The winter garden is where my Mum puts her flowers that is destined to survive the cold season, and she also fills the room with new arrangements of flowers in various odd pots and a month or two from now the whole place will be a muriad of all the colours you can think of. My Mum is a very colourful person at it shows in the interior, her wardrobe, and interests.
More glass and small pretty stones collected along the way.

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