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Monday, 31 October 2011

All you need is salt water...

... sweat, tears, or the sea.
~ Karen Blixen

On many levels this is true, my personal favourit of these is the sea. Around water I feel calm, humble, sincere, and at peace. My dream is to live close to the sea and my favourite time of year by the seaside is in the fall with the rough winds creating gigantic waves. The salty smell and the seaweed instantly calm me, and the drizzle from the foam on my face makes me reload my batteries, and helps me focus on what is truly important to me.

Luckily in Aarhus, we are close to the sea and when the wind is right you can smell the salt.
There are several great spots along the shore, both for bathing and strolling. The spot closest to downtown Aarhus is Tangkrogen (literally The Seaweed Hook) where I spend Tuesday afternoon last week. It was beautiful, strong, sunny, and lonely. I gathered a small collection of blue mussels with mother-of-pearl on the inside.

The wind was rough and a little chilly, but the beautiful hues of the greens and blues along in the sunshine backed it up wonderfully.
I had been in a state of mind where I didn't know anything or what to do, and somehow the sea created a pause for me and my mind was set in a vacuum and thus I could remember something I almost had forgotten - breathing.
 Just for half an hour, I could be something else, something less, something more than I had been prior that day.
I walked home with a serene smile on my face and the salty wind in my hair. The emotions I couldn't convey were acted out before me by the sea and the notion that I was just a small part of it all was quite calming.
Tangkrogen map link {in Danish}

{All images mine}


Mademoiselle Poirot said...

Really like the colours and textures of the last picture, it's fantastic. I absolutely agree, I love being by the sea and Autumn is a great season for walks on a beach. Have a good week xo

The Dandelion Chronicles said...

Thank you so much!!!
and likewise.. :)


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