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Friday, 28 October 2011

Weekly Favourites 43

Weekly Favourites 43, 2011

I haven't really been into a shopping mood today. At least it was very limited the amount of items I clipped to Polyvore, and most very classic like these. Well, I guess it comes and goes really - at least I added a full length gown and sequins! Then I haven't lost it yet, ha!

Anyhow, I really like that the Schumacher capris is called Modern Audrey - then you just HAVE to clip it..
But again, another classic. And I did buy a sparkly deep red nail polish from SpaRituals which looks a little like OPI's 'Ali's Big Break' but I will show you when I get time to try it on. It just looked so cute in the bottle and for 38 Dkr (about £3.5) I couldn't resist.

I guess that's all from me now, so have a great weekend and see you Sunday for my Sonnet Sunday-post..

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