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Sunday, 9 October 2011

Weekly Favourites 40

Oh well, the weekend has passed way too quickly. And the Fall has come with all the beautiful colours and fuzzy coats.
I have always loved the Fall, despite the rain. Or maybe because of the rain.
The gentle tampering of drops at your window, like knocks from outside. The promise of after a Spring, a Summer and Fall will come, and after the death-like Winter, Spring and prospect will come anew.

This week, I have fallen for the rain. The blue-ish colours, the gentle sparkles, and dark clouds.
I always feel cheered up by pink, but the blues somehow always describe my state of mind, whether they be dark and moody, or soft and promising like a Summer's sky.

I think my eyes look like the rain - they change colour depending on the season and the setting, like the rain.
Perhaps that's why I think they are my best feature.
Weekly Favourites 40, 2011

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