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Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Wuthering Heights

The lovely cover on my edition of Wuthering Heights just seemed to whisper of falling leaves and warm tea with spices.
The sublime wilderness of The Moors and the ragged feelings of my heart seemed intertwixted, and even the makeup brands have some shades to describe my mood. My head is spinning with wonder and disbelief of the time gone already and somehow longing for the crisp and demure icy winters.

The fall always gets to me and make me want to flee. Flee the feelings of longing for something that is always out of reach and the fire of colours whispering of dead passion.

The last revolt of passion is upon us. Soon come the numb winter and we lay barren until spring.
I don't know whether I should make this fall one to follow my feelings or just prepare for the winter, and the cooling and soothing.

Nail polishes: H&M 70s Boho; HOT Makeup; Oil of Olay Cappuccino; GOSH Amber; Chanel PĂ©ridot

{All images are mine}


a dreamer. said...

❤ the chanel nailpolish and i know the book will be also good!

The Dandelion Chronicles said...

Yes, that colour is truly magnifiscent. I'm glad it is becoming a regular.
And though I was not that fond of the book at first it is growing on me. Definately beats "Jane Eyre", so I'm on Team Emily :)

Thanks for stopping by.


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