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Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Royal Copenhagen 2012

Besides books and paper dolls, Royal Copenhagen was my first love, and since I just found the new catalogue I will show you their wonderful styling of their iconic pieces. I am always excited about great Danish design, and to think this company dates back to 1775 and still going strong is nectar for my mind - and eyes..

 I lust for a pantry like this! And I really like the personal ways of styling and choosing among the variety of the designs they offer.
Personally, I go with the blue paint but the Black Mega Fluted is also very cool and contemporary, which is the key to succes for such an old company as Royal Copenhagen. They dared to bring the old up-to-date - and scored big time!

 Please invite me to dinners like these!! I beg on my humble knees...

Perfection *misty eyes*

As Danish as it gets; Royal Copenhagen and strawberries with cream and sugar. I am already longing for summer when looking at this.

There was also another new addition to the pretty Royal Copenhagen-family, but I will save that for another day and give it a post of its own. It is that adorable in my eyes.

However, do not think that they would do a catalogue without Flora Danica, Zodiacs, or the pretty hygendra vases, I just chose the prettiest styled pictures. So by all means, grap a copy if you can and drool over the prettiness with pretty on top.

{All scans mine from the 2012 catalogue by Royal Copenhagen}

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