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Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Charles Dickens 200

Since I am taking a course on Dickens this semester, this is just a small token of wishing the man who gave us such memorable characters like Betsy Trotwood, Fagin, Oliver Twist, Scrooge, Nicholas Nickelby, and various others, a happy bicentennial birthday today.
I have only read Great Expectations in full, else it has been small summaries or only selected pages from his large bibliography.
Currently, I am enjoying David Copperfield for the forst time, and I break down laughing every time Ms Trotwood appears. I saw in my search that Maggie Smith has portrayed her in one of the countless adaptations, and I have to see that! I am quite positive that I should have stomach aches afterwards from laughter.

Here's to the future centuries and generations who will hopefully also enjoy this legacy of wit and energy.

(Maybe I will also become a Dickensian if all the conferences are in the South of France as claimed by my teacher! A very promising prospect considering we have not had plus degrees in almost a fortnight here in Denmark)

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