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Monday, 27 February 2012

Oscar Dresses

Last night was the Oscar night, as you may well have heard.. Given that I live in Denmark, the show airs from midnight and ends at 5 AM, so I didn't watch this year due to classes today, Monday (sucks!)
However, this is also a fashion newsletter appreciation post, because they never fail me on days like this. Due to their early tidings, I now know who and what won, and almost more importantly, who wore what!
And in that specific category, here are my winners of the evening....

The most stunning and perfect dress - ever, I dare say! Actually, I am speechless, so I will just leave it with this.

Gorgeous beading, amazing colour, and perfect fit. Love love love all around..

Normally, I prefer Cameron Diaz in bright and bold colours, but she really looks great in this nude gown, and perfectly accessorized too. You often see this stage of a look overdone, but here it is spot on.

I am a sucker for two-tone dresses, especially in black and white, and I really like the beading belt-like details.

So far, my favourites have been the "colour-less" dresses, but Emma Stone really looks lovely in this pink/red gown. Very simple design but fits her like a glove, and a nice and elegant bow. These too often look too much like a bow, you know like bows on presents, but this "punctured" one is just right.

I must admit, I had to look twice if not three times, to see this is actually Penelope Cruz. The hair do confused me, but she looks amazing. Beautiful colour and cut for her, and again not over-accessorized. Elegance par se.

Images via Costume and Eurowoman (both in Danish)

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Mademoiselle Poirot said...

I checked out the dresses fist thing this morning, couldn't resist it ;-) Loved Penelope's dress and also Jennifer Lopez's, very different, but stunning! Have a lovely week xo

PS: I don't usually do this on comments and hope you don't mind: would you please pop over here and vote for me? Thanks so much xo


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