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Wednesday, 29 February 2012

{Monthly Favourites} February 2012

Monthly Favourites

Spring time is near if not already happening. Perhaps, I am just a bit timid to trust that is is finally here for real and for good. Nevertheless, the shops don't care, they have dusted off the old pastel palette and just added hints of bold colours, as well as glitter en masse. I thought I saw glitter, sequins, beading, diamonds, gemstones, gold, and silver constantly. Not that I mind at all.

The Kenneth Jay Lane-necklace is beyond amazing - and it is HUGE! I bet it is incredible in real life.
But really, I think these goodies speek for themselves, so there's little need for me to go on about them. And off course, you can just follow the title-link and find out where I clipped the items.

Oh, and I swear that I will never get too old for pretty dolls, especially this cute from Lanvin.

1 comment:

Mademoiselle Poirot said...

Love that turquoise dress! I can't wait for Spring and for all the pretty colours to come out :-) Have a lovely evening xo


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