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Thursday, 9 February 2012

CFW: Edith & Ella AW12

I love fashion and especially autumn fashion. The elegance, the layers, the colours, the lot.
And I will never hesitate to promote Danish brands when I think it is due, and when I feel like I can vouch for them. One of these brands which I have yet to see fail is the Edith & Ella, named after the designer's grandmothers (how cute, no?) and the look is described as granny-chic. It is vintage without the vintage, if that makes sense.  
I have some super cute silk dresses from the brand, and the stores are also very cute and quirky in just the right amount without it trying too much. There is this fine line of dressing and dressing up, and you can easily overdo a look or style like this.

These are my favourite looks from the just finished Copenhagen Fashion Week.

I like the twist on the ladylike look with all the quirky colours and combos. Especially the first look has me lusting after those shorts! And I hate shorts...

View the entire collection here.

{all images via Copenhagen Fashion Week}

1 comment:

Mademoiselle Poirot said...

Wow, that dress (top right) is beautiful - it would be perfect for a wedding I'm invited to... Have a lovely evening xo


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