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Thursday, 9 June 2011

Your Rainbow Panorama

It is soooo beautiful!!! Today, I visited ARoS and had a go with Olafur Eliasson's magnificent installation called Your Rainbow Panorama.
I was very excited to try it. It consists of many glass windows spanding the colour circle and gives you a view of Aarhus in all the diffenrent colours. Under the panorama circle, there's a platform or terrace where you can sit and relax. I believe this area is supposed to be included ARoS' restaurant which is just down stairs sometime in the future.
I can definately recommend this experience. You get a special time ticket for half an hour that you may stay in the rainbow when you buy the regular tickets to the museum. (the rainbow-tickets don't cost extra) Maybe this will change when the early "madness" wears off, but it was sufficient time for me and I stayed there the whole time.
The project cost about 62 million DKr, about £6,2 million, and I think they are worth it! The overall storyline in ARoS is now complete. The museum is build on Dante's Devine Comedy and tells the story of Heaven (Your Rainbow Panorama) and Hell (The Nine Rooms), and everything in between.
From outside, it looks as though the museum now has a multi-coloured halo floating over it's roof, as you can see on the first photo from yesterday.
I bet this work will be quite exquisite in the sunset and on a sunny winter's day when the colours reflect down into the snow. I'm going to visit this a lot! And all the children I saw seemed to think it was awesome, so it's very children friendly.
All photos are mine.


Inadesign said...

Nu glæder jeg mig endnu mere til at komme op og se den :)

Jeg har givet dig en awad, hvis du skulle have lyst til at modtage :)

The Dandelion Chronicles said...

Åh tak Ina!!!! :D
Og ja, den er så super flot.. Skynd dig afsted :)

黃愛玲 said...

You took amazing pictures. =o)


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