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Friday, 3 June 2011

Weekly Favourites week 22

Hi guys! Just because I'm stressing and fretting over exams and papers, it doesn't mean that I didn't treat myself to view the 'new ins' from the online retailers. I find myself beginning to change in style, and not just because of the summer finally arriving (for good!? please!!!) but because I change on the inside as well.
Some of you may remember a couple of posts where I seemed close to loosing it and let's be honest, I was.. But new winds are blowing and I go with the wind inside me instead of everyone else's, and that has an effect on my wardrobe too. Not that I mind one bit! I guess a rather cheesy way to say this is that I'm growing into my own skin. I definately see my style maturing a bit, and starting to follow my own advice to others about wear what you look good in - not what everyone else looks good in. So bottom line, I'm just not a denim skirt/edgy-kinda girl. There are millions of Scandinavian girls who look amazing in this look but I just don't feel me in it, and that's the least you can do to yourself, right? I'm more of a figure-hugging/feathers/glitter-kinda girl with a slight bohemian vibe.. If that makes any sense at all. But the most important thing - it works for me!

Anyways, here's this week's favourites.

Clothes Week 22, 2011

Accessories Week 22, 2011

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