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Saturday, 25 June 2011

Weekly Favourites week 25

Hope you all are having a lovely Midsummer weekend. We are lacking sunshine a bit, its a bit too chilly to my taste. Hope that the weather in Sweden is a bit better..
Yesterday, I celebrated my friend's 25th birthday which was a lot of fun.. And she liked all her presents, I gave her O.P.I.'s Skull & Glossbones from the Pirates collection and she really loved the colour!
And today, its my grand parents' 62nd wedding anniversary! It is so inspirational to have people in your life who really work together through both the smooth and rough parts of life. To me this day is a bit magical, and if I am ever to marry this will be the date. I decided that when I was ten.

Perhaps this is why I think my weekly faves have a certain romantic strike to them this week. Glitter, pink, and romantic seem to be the key words here. I'm very keen on the Matthew Wiiliamson scarf and the Lucy in Disguise floral dress.. I really adore the collection from Lily Allen. So vintage and cute.
Sep. & Acc. week 25 2011

Dresses Week 25, 2011

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