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Saturday, 18 June 2011

Weekly Favourites week 24

I have finally managed to fix my Polyvore problems. Turns out my browser was set to the wrong update and that's why my clipped items wouldn't show up. But now it works again.. Yay! So once again, a little more elaborate sets. They do look prettier this way with trims and all, right? I think so.
And finally, I have now begun my much awaited summer holiday. I know it will be spend with sunshine, coast walks, strawberries (munching on some as I write this!), nail polish, and contemplating on my future endeavours. I still have some major stuff I need to, if not figure out then at least take a stand to, and that can be quite daunting. However, I do feel much more up for this than just a couple of months ago.

Oh, and wow! This is my no. 100 post!!! How time flies when having a good time, right!?
I enjoy my little space here on the vast internet and I hope that you guys do as well.

Take care and have a lovely weekend..
xoxo The Dandelion Chronicles

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