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Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Downton Abbey

I LOVE period dramas... the settings, the costumes, the story lines - all of it. So not really a big surprice that I love Downton Abbey.
I have always found the era around WW1 to be extremely fascinating and I have always considered the clothes of the era to be my favourites, closely followed by the rococo. And my, does Downton Abbey pull the long straw here! Fantastic costumes, for both upper and lower class.
 Of course, I really adore the hats and evening attire of the upper class characters but the quirkishness of some of the servants' clothes really makes me smile.
Tartan coats, straw hats with small flowers, and more muted colours to contrast with the whites and pastel colours of the noble family.

And in addition, the story line is really good and the acting is superb. So if haven't seen it yet please do.. They are currently shooting season two, and I believe it is to be aired in the fall in the UK. Can't wait for it to hit Denmark again. I may need to rewatch it all on the Internet.
Untill then, I have the main theme on repeat. A very beautiful song, and sums up well the mood of the series.

This dress reminds me of Kate Winslet's evening dress from Titanic. This show starts with the sink of Titanic where the heir of Downton Abbey is presumed drowned, and with the arrival of the new heir and his difficulties with the family already living there. If you imagine Mr Collins from Pride & Predjudice as a nice and likable guy suddenlt finding himself within a family consisting of both The Bennets and the staff from Upstairs & Downstairs you sort of get the picture. (Okay, this was the closest I could get without making spoilers)

This attire has a bit of a Chanel-feel to it.. The stripes, the pearls, the narrow colour scheme and the straw hat.

The upper class ladies' evening dresses are candy to the eyes! Oh, and as you can see Maggie Smith is in it, and she is hilarious! Her remarks are priceless!

The Lord and Lady of Downton Abbey. She wears the most elaborate clothes, a bit old fashioned for 1912 but her youngest daughter surely makes up for that, as you can see in the next picture..

A haram dress with trousers! Love it!!! It looks stunning on screen and causes quite a few raised eyebrows and gasps in the show.. Very Poiret.

The youngest daughter of the noble family and one of the servants. Here you can clearly see the distinction in clothes between upper and lower class, but without making the latter looking sad or demure. At least not in my opinion.

And the lovely main theme score by John Lunn

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