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Thursday, 2 June 2011

Fashion Fix: Marilyn's White Dress

Anyone got about $2 million to splurge? Then I think you should use it on Marilyn Monroe's white dress from Seven Year Itch..
Debbie Reynolds is selling her collection of film memorabilia including awesome costumes from My Fair Lady, Sound of Music, Hello Dolly and Seven Year Itch among others.. Now wouldn't that be the perfect way to celebrate Marilyn's 85th birthday yesterday? {Daily Mail}

I would love to own a costume collection like Debbie Reynold's with film costumes and fashion history items side by side. What items would you include in a collection if you could choose freely? Me? I would get a Fortuny dress, YSL's first dress for Dior and Marilyn's pink dress from How to Marry A Millionaire. Now that would be a perfect start..

[Edit] The dress sold for $4.6 million! And almost all of the costumes went far beyond their estimate. Congrats to Debbie Reynolds and the buyers, I hope they will take good care of these iconic costumes and memorabilias.


Mademoiselle Poirot said...

$2 million? Ha, peanuts ;-) Though the dress is great and it would be lovely to own such an iconic piece. Love from London xo

The Dandelion Chronicles said...

I guess, I'm still too tied up in student loans and the like to consider a purchase but please post close-ups when you get it!! *lol*

Thanks for stopping by..


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