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Monday, 9 July 2012

{Chanel Haute Couture}

Some beautiful photos of the devine collection fra Chanel. Granted, there were a few pieces which were off key in my opinion, but overall the standard was very high. I love the palette of pale pink, grey, and black. Especially the dress just below is my favourite look - I just wish it was full length!!

How wonderful it must be to see these works of art up close, and to study the embroidery and feather details. I get easily fed up with the looks par se but I admire the craftsmanship anyday - even with the looks I am initially less keen on. I still don't understand the wing-trend going on at Chanel (like the photo above). Nevertheless, I am sure they look faboulous up close.

Well, there isn't really much to say about this, except that it is a very beautiful and cohesive collection, and I will start sporting the palette, and perhaps embellish a beanie!

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