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Tuesday, 31 July 2012

{Happy Birthday to me!}

Or, should I say "Happy Cinnamon"!?

Yes, you read correctly, I am referring to the lovely spice we use in bulks at Christmas. Reason? Apparently, when you turn 25 (which I am - surprice!) you get cinnamon if you are not married (which I am not). And I have no idea why. In addition, it appears to be a fairly recent tradition in East Jutland because not all of Denmark knows about this tradition. I don't even recall my siblings getting cinnamon when they turned 25 (they are 11, 12, and 13 years older than me).

For many many years (since the 1500s), it has been a tradition throughout Denmark to mark the 30th birthday with pepper, because the Danish words for spinster and bachelor contain the word pepper in them: pebermø (literally: pepper maiden) and pebersvend (pepper apprentice).
And if you google the two Danish words you see some examples of what might happen to you if you have very evil friends and family!
God, I hope I am married before 30! Or perhaps counting on my friends and family will be as low-key as with the cinnamon.
I just got a nice bunch of cinnamon buns and my presents had sticks of cinnamon wrapped with the ribbons.

So in honour of myself and the fact that I have existed for 25 years, I give you various pictures of flags and cinnamon.

Pinned Image
Our beautiful flag Dannebrog.
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Pinned Image
Pinned Image
These look a lot like the ones I got at my birthday-party from my Aunt.
Pinned Image
Okay, just let me die happily in cinnamon heaven now!

{all images via Pinterest}

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